Most of our events will be posted on Eventbrite and will appear here on our website “Events” page. Please click the link to visit Eventbrite where you will be able to find all of the information about the event. Then click the “Reserve a spot” button to book your place – you will just need to enter your name and email address.

Our events are free. You may need to buy a bus ticket or train ticket to reach them. If you cannot afford this, please do get in contact with us at

This varies a lot! Some of our evening walks will last a couple of hours and stay on the flat. Some of our more adventurous walks may take six hours and include a significant amount of walking uphill. All our event descriptions on Eventbrite will include this information. If you have a specific question about how accessible the walks are, please email

We always consider how you can travel to the event easily. Often the start point is on a bus route or near a train station. In some instances, we will provide a free minibus to transport people to an event when it is a long way from public transport and we have funding for this. Information about travel for each event will be on Eventbrite.

We recommend you come prepared, depending on the weather.

Walking Shoes/Boots

Wear a pair that you feel comfortable in:

·        Ankle support for downhill walking

·        Good grip for slippery or unstable surfaces

·        Good fit to prevent blisters

Trainers are not suitable for some terrains and distances.

Warm clothing, especially during Autumn and Winter months

Fleece, Jumper,

Coat, Raincoat

Gloves, Scarf, Hat

Waterproof trousers

Walking poles – are particularly useful if you have a knee issue. They also come in handy when trying to keep your balance over tricky terrain.

Food and Drink

Packed lunch, Snacks, Water

Hand sanitiser would also be useful to ensure hands are clean before eating.


Fitted bag cover – during wet weather

Some rucksacks have fitted covers already built in, or you can purchase them separately to specifically fit the size of your rucksack.

Other items to bring with you 

Suncream, Sunglasses

Medication (if required)

Some cash

Spare socks

Mobile phone (if you have one – useful if there is an emergency)

Note: Waterproof footwear/coat would be useful if you have them.

Walk leaders are experienced hill and moorland walkers who are competent at navigation and have completed the 2 day outside First Aid course. We are Peak District Volunteer Rangers who have completed the Ranger training course. The course has several modules that cover walk leading and health & safety on the hills and moors.

Yes. You need to declare health conditions that will impact on your ability to participate in a walk. If so, you would need to explain what you need us to do if you became ill. Peak District Mosaic reserve the right to refuse you attending a walk if it is felt you would be at risk – depending on the nature of the walk.

Yes. You should carry with you all the medication you would need to take during the time you would spend taking part in a walk or activity.

You are advised to carry an In Case of Emergency card (ICE card). These cards provide emergency contact details and inform loved ones and medical staff about vital health details during emergencies. First responders will see essential information like medications, allergies, and pre-existing conditions – helping them to make the appropriate responses.

You are advised to carry a small First Aid Kit with basic items such as bandages, plasters and antiseptic cream.

Peak District Mosaic reserve the right to refuse you attending a walk if it is felt that:

– you are putting yourself at risk if you do not have the appropriate clothing/footwear/supplies for the weather conditions.
– the walk was not suitable for you eg: steep inclines and rough terrain would not be suitable for wheelchair users.

Walk leaders are not responsible for the safety of participants. Responsibility lies with the individual who attends. However, we carry out Risk Assessments to assess all of the risks involved in the walk. This includes what we deem to be appropriate clothing etc to ensure that those attending should be able to safely take part.
All children under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult for all activities. The adult is fully responsible for any child(ren) they bring along.

We occasionally run training – and hope to so in the future as part of our “Championing National Parks for Everyone” project. To keep in touch, sign-up for our newsletter.

You can find out more about the Peak District National Park on their website ( This website has lots of information about the Peak District National Park. There are lots of opportunities to get involved with volunteering, opportunities to go on guided walks with Rangers and opportunities to work for the Peak District National Park.

Our volunteer walk leaders are essential to ensure that we can run safe and fun events. If you feel you have the skills to help with this (or want to learn these skills), then please visit our “Get involved and volunteering” page. You can come to one of our events and speak to one of the team of volunteer walk leaders to find out more about what the role is like.

Peak District Mosaic is a charity who creates and sustains engagement between the Peak District National Park and new audiences.

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