Why do I Bother?

7 Reasons You Don’t Want to Come on a Group Walk (and Why You Will After Reading This!)

Ever wondered about improving your life style options, like dieting, or giving up addictive things like smoking or drinking. Some of these things are hard to achieve, so a compromise could be cutting down, using vapes or eating a healthier diet! 

The intensity of everyday life can be another burden that can have a negative impact on your health and welfare. So here are 7 thoughts for you to consider that might open up a whole new lifestyle, that could be both beneficial, and, dare I say enjoyable!

I love to go a wondering with my knapsack on my back! No I don’t, I love to go a nattering with interesting and humorous people. The bonus of course is that you can “go a nattering” in some of the most stunning countryside you could ever wish for!

Having a chat, putting the world to right and exchanging recipes seem a perfectly amicable way to spend a morning/afternoon. So what is stopping you? Apart from maybe a little bit of doubt or uncertainty about the what’s, the whys and the wherever.  

What’s in it for me I hear you say! Well, firstly what have you got to lose! Nothing really, maybe some time, but it could be wisely spent. It’s simple really, come along, meet some really nice people who will definitely make you feel very welcome, put your boots on and join in.

Ah, you say that you are not very fit! Not a problem. Every walk is aimed at insuring that all partaking are looked after and cared for, as we go for a stroll not a route march! Also, walking is good for you, and your all round physical and mental health. 

I don’t have any mental problems! Of course you don’t, however, it has been well documented that walking can have a positive effect on our mood, our self-esteem, and can create opportunities to connect with and learn from others. *See nattering in the first paragraph!

But I don’t know anyone! That would never be a problem for you, as you soon will do! And not only will you be making new friends and acquaintances, you may learn something about the history of the area that you are walking in and the secrets they hold.

But can I afford to come along? The vast majority of our walks are designed around the availability of public bus services, making the walks not only affordable, but convenient for those attending. 

What about my children, can they come as well? Most of the walks are suitable for children, and we encourage families to join in. You would be responsible for looking after them, but our experience with having children on walks has always been positive!

There you go, nothing hard or unachievable. Just a relaxing and enjoyable way to meet new people, improve your overall health and get much more out of life!

Peak District Mosaic is a charity who creates and sustains engagement between the Peak District National Park and new audiences.

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